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Features & Plugins

Quick Integration

Install WebTrak.io onto your website or blog fast. WebTrak.io can be installed using a simple Javascript include or WordPress plugin. Other blogging systems will be coming soon.

Quick and simple installation saves time.


Show different content on your website depending on where your user went or on what the user clicked.
For example, if the user subscribed to a newsletter, you can display different content the next time your user visits your site.

Increase revenue and visibility by generating more newsletter subscriptions.

Sticky Windows

Always display some content in the corner of your website. Or make the content display when your users reach the end of your webpage.

Increase revenue by keeping your users engaged.

Inactivity Dialog

Add an inactivity modal dialog pop-up to all your pages. A modal dialog pop-up disables the usual ways to close pop-ups.

You have full control of what is displayed. Create lists of interesting info and display new content on a timer (new content can rotate on a set interval). Share lists with others on WebTrak.io.

Keep your users on your site longer.


Capture all out-bound links by displaying a modal dialog pop-up when a user clicks on one of those links. This is usually to notify the user of something interesting before leaving your site.

Capture your users attention one last time.

Tracking and Graphs

Track your visitors and their actions. Advanced graphs will show how your site is performing and what your users are up to.

Know everything about your users.

Create, Test, and Share Ideas

Do you have an idea that you or your users would like? Let us know.

Grow with us.


WebTrak.io (the website) is a collection of utilities and plugins created to fill an existing need. Software on this site has been in use on marketing and advertising websites and is battle-tested.

Our utilties and plugins are easily installed using a simple javascript include.

WebTrak.io (the company) is a small team of developers creating and designing products to fit our needs. We've found that the software we create has been beneficial. So, we thought sharing our efforts might a good step in creating a new business.

Thanks for stopping by,
The WebTrak.io Team.

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